Terry & Melani Shock

KQ Ministries, Inc. is the non-profit ministry of Terry and Melani Shock. Designed to provide instruction, inspiration, and resources for individuals, groups, and churches who are also on a Quest for the Kingdom, they feel living life intentionally through the living Word of God is the cornerstone of their instruction and development in the areas of individual spiritual growth, home and family, church leadership, ministry training, and discipleship. The scope of their ministry is global in reach, personal in attention, and individual in impact.

In addition to ministering in worship services, they are passionate about inspiring, encouraging, and equipping nations, districts, groups, and local church staffs with training workshops and written, digital, and visual resources.

Drawing from their extensive experience of 35+ years in pastoral ministry and their position as Global Director of Leadership Development International (LDI) for the United Pentecostal Church International, they travel throughout North America and the world individually and as a team, joyfully giving of their energy, time, and knowledge to see the advancement of the Kingdom around the world.